Men's difficult passages of loss, of deaths, marriage, job, life changes all can be marked, all can benefit from our writings.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Homage to Dyck
(March 13, 2014)
Dyck was an interesting man.
He died very early in the morning, before the dawn, two days ago.
Dyck was dedicated to understanding the mysteries of life.
Many things enraged him–big banks, corporations, injustice.
His anger, combined with a kind of fierce forthrightness could be intimidating
As he challenged “sacred cows” he could not accept.
Something happened though when he was diagnosed with cancer three years ago
Dyck used his fight with cancer to delve deeply into the unsolved mysteries
He felt so driven to understand.
In the midst of multiple chemo treatments,
Dealing with a beloved and failing wife,
And a dedication to participation in Occupy Raleigh and Interplay, his “play” group,
I think he found some answers.
He wrote extensively about his experiences in a series he called “Egg Story.”
He shared his journey to the end and through his eyes
We learned how you can find healing as you consciously end your life.
He grew into a loving place, a warm-hearted place.
He grew into that place where nothing but love mattered.
I am grateful for knowing Dyck.
I am sad that the world no longer has
his light
his questioning
his love of truth
his fierceness.
I am glad for his remarkable example of how to finish life.
Good bye, my friend. May you rest in peace and may you now know with certainty the answer to the questions you posed so starkly in your final Egg Story installment:
“Is Love the solution to every problem...even to the impossible?
Is that Perfect surrender? (No protection? No compromise?)”
                                   Written by Bron Skinner